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ASA Coordinating Commission and Councils

This consultation structure was devised for the purpose of reducing the historic number of system-level task forces.  The result allows ASA to provide venues where academic and student affairs issues of mutual interest might be addressed, improve our ability to communicate with our constituents and allow our faculty, student and professional staff leadership to work in ways that are solution-oriented.  In addition, we have a shared interest in working to assure greater efficiencies in how we communicate the academic and student affairs work plans and communicate. In the respective advisory roles, each of the councils play an important part in helping staff identify and refine policies and procedures as well as work with the ASA division to address systemwide issues in ways that positively impact the college and university experiences of learners.

The advisory councils include the:

Process for Consultation:
Consultation Process Flowchart

Mary Rothchild
Senior System Director for Workforce Development

2015-2016 ASA Coordinating Commission & Council's Schedule