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Leveraged Equipment

Please review the information on this page as well as the FAQs link to familiarize yourself with the Leveraged Equipment program.  

We have established the following cut off dates and processing target dates:

  • All leveraged equipment appropriation requests should be submitted to Mike McGee (cc Sandy Loney) on or before the 5th of each month using the Leveraged Equipment Program FY2017 Match Documentation form.  All submitted forms must bear the signature of the institution CFO.
  • All other appropriation requests (Centers of Excellence, Applied Learning Institute, Diversity grants, etc.) should be submitted to Kathy Hanon on or before the 10th of each month.  (Mary will submit approved leveraged equipment requests to Kathy by this date also.)
  • Kathy will work with Campus Assistance to ensure entries are made in SWIFT and notification is sent to colleges and universities on or before the 15th of each month.

Please note these dates on your business calendars and share this information with other interested parties at your college/university/office.

Finally, in order to be processed in a timely fashion, please submit your leveraged equipment requests on the form listed below.  Adjustment requests for other purposes should include:

  •   Amount of adjustment (total and by college/university),
  •   Fiscal agent sending the funds,
  •   College(s) or university(s) receiving the amount(s),
  •   Local programmatic contact

 System Office Contact information:

Mike McGee                          651-201-1434

Sandy Loney                         651-201-1663

Kathy Hanon                        651-201-1709

Please contact Kathy Hanon with questions regarding the appropriation process.

Appropriation Adjustment Schedule FY2017 Schedule

FY16 Distribution of Leveraged Equipment Funding List

Leveraged Equipment Program FY2017 Match Documentation Form

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ's